Current research projects:

July 2018-2022 I am part of a researchproject called: Programming didactics – learning and assessing programming in primary education funded by Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg foundation. Project leader: Fredrik Heintz, Linköping University.

Finished projects:

CAA – Collaborative Assessment Alliance
In collaboration with SKL (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) and DSV I am a part of a project were we study how pupils collaborative problem solving skills can be measured through a digital tools. 
Designs for Learning
One of the editors of the on-line journal Designs for Learning.
Observation of 1:1. Learning in a digital environment.
In the project we followed the implementation of  laptops to each student and teacher in schools in a municipality, outside Stockholm. The municipality wants students and teachers to have access to new technologies and argue that it is urgently important to follow the technical development in society and that digital literacy plays a great role in the society and in the students future work.
The Department of education, Stockholm University follows and evaluates how the investment is carried out in the schools. Ten schools are part of the project. The project is using four different methods to investigate the integration of laptops in the schools:

  • video-observations (in three schools)
  • surveys (around 500 pupils)
  • focus group discussions (headmasters and teachers)
  • analysis of which program and systems are used

The project was finished in 2011.